The Secret of Atlantis

From Formless to Form Webinar

Embark on a transcendent journey with our webinar, "The Secret of Atlantis: From Formless to Form," a sanctuary for souls attuned to the ancient energies of Lemuria and Atlantis. Hosted by Clara of The Quantum Light, joining the group from Mount Shasta in Northern California, and by the visionary Adrienn Light, from the serene Marbella, Spain.

This experience is a tapestry of profound meditative silence, powerful transmissions, and transformative activations.

Meditative Silence:

Our odyssey commenced with an hour-long meditation, a deep dive into the stillness that cradles the cosmos. In this sacred space of silence, we ascended collectively to the higher planes of existence, setting the stage for revelations to unfold.

Council of Twelve Transmission:

As a conduit for the Council of Twelve, Clara channeled a message steeped in the lore of Atlantis. The Council imparted wisdom on the pivotal roles of peace and harmony, culminating in a resplendent activation. This rite harnessed the purifying waters of Atlantis, synergizing with the Cetaceans to awaken dormant energies within us.

Anfrinit's Live Transmission:

Adrienn Light, embodying the essence of Anfrinit, delivered a live transmission that illuminated the significance of our physical form. Anfrinit's words painted a vision of the Golden Era, accessible through the sanctity of our bodies and the vibrancy of our organs.

Participant Reflections:

The workshop's culmination was graced by heartfelt reflections from our participants, echoing the resonant themes of peace, harmony, and the reverence for our physical vessels as gateways to higher frequencies.

This workshop is not merely an event; it's a structured pilgrimage designed to receive and integrate celestial messages.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this recorded voyage, to embrace the messages and activations that await.

Your path to the Golden Era begins here!


Clara, from @thequantumlight

Adrienn Light, from @anfrinit_com

Clara and Adrienn both share a profound connection to the frequency of Atlantis, recognizing their own existences there as well. Together, they crafted this event to impart sacred codes and insights from that realm, offering you a transformative experience.

What You'll Gain from the Webinar:

• Activation of the Atlantean light codes within yourself

• Access to the frequency of Atlantis

• Positive shifts in your energy field

• Sacred, channeled information from Atlantis consciousness

• An upgrade to your personal system

• Personalized messages

The 3-Hour Pre-Recorded Video Contains:

• A 1-hour silent meditation to activate the Atlantean light codes within your being

• A 2-hour channeled workshop with Adrienn/Anfrinit and Clara



Payment Details:

Once payment is received, we will promptly send you the recording of the webinar.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of Atlantis and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

The Secret of Atlantis

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