This retreat is the first module of the Anfrinit program,

the foundation.

Module 0 of the Anfrinit System offers profound insights and transformative experiences designed to guide individuals through the transition from the

The Atlantis retreat serves as a foundational journey, exploring the transition from the formless to form, guided by sacred teachings from Atlantis. Participants are led to explore the essence of the self in relation to this transition, where the form takes shape from the subtle, like water taking form.

Guides the self through the transition when it gets form. The transition from subtle to water then to form.

In Module 0, participants are invited to delve deep into their inner selves, guided by the Anfrinit System. This module focuses on navigating the crucial step of incarnation, where consciousness descends into the material realm. Through this process, participants have the opportunity to realign their blueprint with their higher self, clearing and balancing this pivotal transformational point.

This retreat is recommended for individuals:

who feel a deep calling to explore and heal their incarnational journey, to establish grounding and stability, to bridge the gap between the subtle and material realms, and to align their blueprint for equilibrium in existence. It is especially beneficial for those seeking to heal their connection to water, the upper realms, and the material world

Participants may find themselves struggling with grounding, feeling disconnected, or experiencing insecurity and questioning their purpose. The transition from the subtle to the material realm can be challenging, marked by trauma and adjustment to the denser frequencies of earthly existence.

Through the Atlantis retreat, particularly in Module 0, participants undergo a process of healing and transformation, rewriting their informational blueprint and creating a new energy field from a higher perspective. Sacred teachings from Atlantis guide this inner work, facilitating access to one's true essence and healing the connection to matter, water, and the Earth.

In Module 0, the Atlantis retreat, you will receive:

  • Sacred teachings from Atlantis
  • Access to your true essence
  • Rewriting of your transformation from the subtle to the material
  • Adjustment of your connection to matter
  • Conduct consciousness into your water field
  • Healing of your connection with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and reflections of your parents
  • Exploration of the birthing process—the sacred portal where formlessness transitions into form
  • Conscious experience and remembrance of being in the womb through different lifetimes

There is no need to prepare for the Atlantis retreat.

If you HEAR THE CALL, know that you are WELCOME.

During the retreat, you will explore various techniques and beings to aid in healing:

  • Daily grounding and expansion meditations
  • Connection to the sacred structure of the WATER element
  • Horse riding by the Atlantic Ocean with horses carrying the UNICORN frequencies of Atlantis
  • Direct connection with the SPIRIT of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Conscious connection with ATLANTEAN BEINGS who will guide us
  • Connection with the DOLPHINS and WHALES of Atlantis frequencies via a boat sightseeing tour (subject to weather conditions)
  • Aero yoga session to consciously experience the womb state


Participants will reside in the luxurious oasis hotel next to the beach in Tarifa, Spain, offering a serene environment conducive to inner exploration and healing. Luxurious oasis hotel next to the beach at Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa lies on the Costa de la Luz (“coast of light”) and across the Strait of Gibraltar facing Morocco

Tarifa,Spain, Hotel Punta Sur:

Overall, Module 0 of the Atlantis retreat offers a unique and transformative experience, allowing participants to remember, reconnect, and re-live their true essence, aligning their journey from the subtle to the material with profound healing and enlightenment.


Choose from:

• Standard Room (Shared same sex or couple occupancy): 1900 euros

• Single Room (Single Occupancy) EXTRA 500 euros: 2400 euros


A non-refundable deposit of 600 euros is required. The remainder of the payment must be completed by March 25th 2024. Once the deposit is received you will receive an email confirming your registration and any remainder payment.

Schedule a private live group call with Adrienn to ascertain if this program aligns with your journey and goals

Frequently Asked Questions…..& answers :)

What does the daily schedule look like?

April 26th - ARRIVAL

April 27 THRU 30th - Retreat Starts

8:00 - 9:15am - BREAKFAST

9:30 - 12:30pm - Horse riding with the special horses connected with Atlantean frequencies (prep provided) and silent

walking meditation to help integrate the experience/ Aeroyoga session / Boat trip whale and dolphin watching

1:30 - 2:30pm - LUNCH BREAK

3:00 - 5:00pm - Group sharing & meditations


9:00 - Breakfast

10:30 - Departure from Retreat

During this time Private sessions with Anfrinit will commence (details below) and Shuttles (if reserved) will be planned accordingly. You also have an opportunity to enjoy the beach and surroundings in the hotel until hotel check-out (11.00 AM).

Additionally, we are thrilled to host a whale and dolphin sightseeing tour - (subject to weather conditions). The timing of this will be provided closer to the retreat. NOTE: actual times may vary.


During the retreat, we offer two one-hour horse riding sessions. For safety reasons, participants must weigh a maximum of 90 kgs to participate in these sessions. If, for any reason, you are unable or prefer not to participate in the horse riding activities, you can still connect with the horses nearby.

Just to be sure, what is NOT Included in the pricing?


LUNCH - The hotel offers a buffet lunch (approx 14 euros - Drinks are not included)

DINNER - There is a restaurant at the hotel

1-1 private sessions with Anfrinit - Cost: 250 euros/30 min per session

Additional nights at the hotel can be arranged. Please ask for details

Parking - Must be arranged with the Hotel directly

What are the venue details?

Our venue is a hotel PUNTA SUR located in Tarifa which is at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula, it is primarily

known as one of the world’s most popular destinations for windsports. Tarifa lies on the Costa de la Luz (“coast of light”)

and across the Strait of Gibraltar facing Morocco.

From the hotel website

Hotel Punta Sur is tucked away between two Natural Parks, between sea and mountains, Punta Sur is more than a hotel, it’s a true hidden gem. Its innovative cuisine seduces with delicious dishes, its bungalow-style rooms are all spectacular, spacious and bright and shine for their exquisite decoration. Guests may enjoy extensive subtropical gardens, a large swimming pool surrounded by lush vegetation and a tennis court.

What are the options to get to the Hotel from the airport or Malaga?

There are several options including:

SELF - Own Transport / Car rental - Uber / Bolt - Participants can arrive via their own car or rental car. For rentals - the hotel has parking options available. Taxi and Uber options are also available.

Public Transport - Please find information that may assist taxis and autobuses here

CARPOOL - If you wish you can connect with other participants and organize to carpool together sharing costs. We can help put you in touch with others wishing this and share their information closer to the event.

SHUTTLE - Pre-booked by the Anfrinit team - If preferred we can arrange a shuttle bus from a meeting point in Fuengirola.

This is a town located approx 20 mins (car) from Malaga airport and thus a little closer to Tarifa. Train connection from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola is also available. Fuengirola also provides links to many hotels and restaurants (if arriving a day earlier). The shuttle bus costs approx 150 EUR one way to Tarifa and this cost will be divided by others requiring a shuttle bus. Travel time approx. 1h40min

What are the Sessions with Anfrinit about?

There is an opportunity to book in advance a private 1-1 session with Anfrinit. This is recommended for those wanting personal questions answered about any specific issue relating to the self, life, family or any relating to their physical, spiritual or emotional experience. During this session, Adrienn will channel Anfrinit and connect with your higher self. She will provide any counsel or messages to receive an upgrade in your field. Private sessions with Anfrinit are offered at 250 euros/30 mins. Sessions book up so please reserve in advance. Sessions for this retreat begin from May 1 at 9:00am.

What is the PAYMENT and CANCELLATION policy?

The full and correct amount must be paid before the retreat to ensure a place in the retreat. Any incorrect and/or late payments may result in cancelling your participation without refund. Anfrinit and the organizing company reserve this right.

The description of the package is informative, offering everyone an individual experience.

It is a form of "Energy Healing" and "Mental Purification", which is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric advice and treatment. It is part of a well-rounded holistic approach to healthy living. We are not licensed in the medical field, nor do they diagnose treat or cure any medical conditions. It should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice from your physician/doctor. Please contact a qualified, licensed medical for any illness or disease