Anfrinit System

The Anfrinit Systemâ“’, developed by Adrienn Light with guidance from Anfrinit herself, represents a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

Grounded over the course of two transformative years (2022-2024), this system offers individuals the opportunity to explore the depths of creation and align themselves with Crystal Clear Consciousness.

Adrienn's personal journey, marked by a spontaneous enlightenment experience in 2016, led her to transition from a 3-dimensional body to a light body and elevate her original soul to a higher realm spirit. It took years for Adrienn to integrate and embody this new state of being. By 2022, she had matured and was prepared to receive the teachings of Anfrinit, a frequency holder from Crystal Clear Consciousness.

Anfrinit serves as a bridge between dimensions, offering guidance and assistance in rewriting and equilibrating core essence blueprints. Through her teachings, individuals can open portals to various existences and frequencies, ultimately liberating themselves from the cycle of incarnation.

The Anfrinit System © is composed of four modules, each providing a pathway for individuals to navigate their journey through creation and align themselves with Crystal Clear Consciousness. At its core, the system reveals the creation of existence itself,empowering individuals to expand their consciousness and reach the state of Crystal Clear Consciousness.

Central to the Anfrinit System © is the understanding that reality is created from the core blueprint projected across all layers of existence. To change one’s reality, individuals must tap into the blueprint of the self, heal, and rewrite it accordingly.

This is how we create our reality.

From the core blueprint we project

the information in all layers.

This informational field creates the

reality of the self in all existences.

If you want to change your reality you

have to tap into the blueprint of the self to

heal and rewrite it.

The 4 modules of Anfrinite Systemâ“’

created to transform the informational field of the self in all layers including the

blueprint. It goes along through all the forms to arrive into the highest consciousness

to dissolve the incarnational blueprint of the self in this reality.

Module 0 Atlantis-Water

  • Sacred teachings from Atlantis
  • Access to your true essence
  • Rewriting of your transformation from the subtle to the material
  • Adjustment of your connection to matter
  • Conduct consciousness into your water field
  • Healing of your connection with Mother Earth, Father Sun, and reflections of your parents
  • Exploration of the birthing process—the sacred portal where formlessness transitions into form
  • Conscious experience and remembrance of being in the womb through different lifetimes

Module I Awakening- Spiritual Anatomy - The Structure of Creation

  • Sacred teachings from ancient Egypt
  • The mystery of the triangle and pyramids in our existence
  • Connect with the iliac joint, our inner pyramid, the sacrum and coccyx
  • Activate and discover the importance of the spine, and the vast information stored within it’s 33 vertebrates
  • Rewrite DNA
  • Review the digestive system, and gut revealing its connection to past lives!
  • Activate the pineal gland and third eye
  • Connect the lower third eye, pineal gland to Source consciousness (...And yes, there is a lower third eye! :)
  • Activate the resilience of the conscious heart center to alchemize wounds of separation
  • Reveal and alchemize the connection with our Mother/feminine and Father/masculine aspects
  • Understand the structure of Creation
  • Wisdom of your spiritual anatomy, the structure of yourself.

Module II: Three Diamonds- the three multidimensional portals

  • Sacred teachings from Buddhism
  • Activate the three main multidimensional portals on the self
  • Life force energy is cultivated in the three Diamonds.
  • The energy from other subtle dimensions enters the physical realm at the Diamonds.
  • The first diamond: above the head area. To unlock your connection to Source. Liberate the self from the duality illusion. Experience higher guidance
  • The second diamond: in the chest area. Activate your spiritual heart. Direct connection into Oneness. Beyond all existences. Heal the back part of the heart through liberation of the subconscious field.
  • The third diamond: is below the navel, where Earth and Heaven energy meets.Through this center we manifest our experience on Earth plain. So much information is stored here and needs to be rewrite to able to access higher frequencies through this portal.

Module III: Inner Sound- Source consciousness

  • Sacred teachings from Source consciousness
  • Access beyond all forms
  • Expanding the consciousness of the self through all realms to dissolve in Oneness-Source
  • Activation of inner hearing—a technique brought from the 9th dimension
  • ANFRINIT will guide you to receive your own inner sound
  • Receive your soul's frequency
  • Attune to the frequency of every cell in your body
  • Align your energetic field, and elevate your vibrational state
  • Perceive the frequencies of other beings and, with permission, assist in balancing their energetic fields.
  • May remember and vocalize high-frequency sounds from other realms, expanding your connection to the multidimensional universe.