Sea Water connected with your spirit, containing the downloaded blueprint of your higher state.

Anfrinit implements the codes of your higher self into the personalized bottle.

When you are spraying this liquid in your aura, it starts to rewrite the current codes of your physical vessel.

Crystal Essence is a unique manifestation of Sea Water intertwined with your spirit, encapsulating the downloaded blueprint of your higher state.

Anfrinit intricately infuses the codes of your higher self into each personalized bottle. When you gently mist this liquid into your aura, it initiates the transformation of your physical vessel by rewriting its current codes.

Allow me to illuminate the genesis of Crystal Essence:

In 2022, I received divine guidance from Anfrinit to craft this transformative elixir. On my birthday, a pivotal moment arrived as the laboratory signaled the readiness of the Essence, commencing its production journey.

Anfrinit, a guardian of frequencies from the Crystal Clear Consciousness, imbues her essence into this special Ocean Essence and Crystal, reaching out to you and encapsulating her essence within it. Upon acquiring a Crystal Essence, Anfrinit begins her meticulous work, tailoring it to resonate with your unique higher self. As you engage with the essence, you receive guidance from higher realms along your journey, activating special light codes within your aura and energy field.

Each package is a personalized conduit. Within, you'll find your bespoke ocean essence and crystals intimately connected, accompanied by a personalized message designed to illuminate your present path. Embedded within this message lies a task, a beacon guiding you toward your next phase of growth. Once completed, you're primed to receive your next Crystal Essence, replete with fresh messages and codes to propel your journey forward.

Magic Happens

Deep healing, reprogramming,

and transformation in all layers

Your personalized package contains:

150 ml Pure Sea Water

1 Crystal quartz

Personalized channeled message

How it works:

Anfrinit connects to your higher self and implements your Spirit's blueprint into your personalized bottle and crystal.

When you receive the package and start to use it, your current field automatically starts to upgrade

How to activate your bottle:

Link it to your field by turning it three times and holding it in your hand, connecting with your heart. Then spray it all around your aura.

You can use it several times a day, trust your intuition. We ask that you place the crystal in front of you when you meditate.

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It is a form of "Energy Healing" and "Mental Purification", which is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric advice and treatment. It is part of a well-rounded holistic approach to healthy living. We are not licensed in the medical field, nor do they diagnose treat or cure any medical conditions. It should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice from your physician/doctor. Please contact a qualified, licensed medical for any illness or disease