A bridge between Source and other dimensions

About me

I have two different memories from this lifetime here on Planet Earth. One is my recollection from the 3-dimensional vessel and from the spirit who was connected to that body….
The other experience is when I manifest myself here in this realm through a Light Body.

The shift happened in 2016 when I experienced a life-changing transformation; my 3-D body spontaneously was changed into a Light Body. At that moment, my spirit, who was connected to the 3 Dimensional body, was liberated, and another spirit from a higher consciousness was connected to this new body. For the following two years, I settled down and became familiar with this new energy space. In 2018 I received the message to share, give talks, and lectures on the topics I am channelling and also to be a facilitator of light body activation for others as well.

In 2022 Anfrinit was grounded, and going forward I will communicate through her, creating a space where you have the possibility to transform without me.

Apart from this service, I live with my husband and my dear daughters, and, in my daily life, I am a mother of a family.

On the physical field:

- Certificated Naturopath

- Certificated Yoga Teacher

Adrienn Light