Anfrinit is a frequency holder, a clear channel through all existence

Adrienn Light


I am Adrienn Light, and I serve as the embodiment of Anfrinit, a channeler and frequency holder located in Southern Spain. Welcome to the Anfrinit page. Join me as I share my journey and how Anfrinit manifested through me.

In 2016, I underwent a profound, spontaneous life-changing experience that I could only describe as enlightenment or a massive transformation. Since then, everything has shifted.

I received a profound calling during a solo retreat in 2016 while meditating and fasting. Through meditation, I had incredible experiences that transcended the physical realm. I recall my old 3-dimensional vessel transforming into a Light Body, liberating my spirit and connecting me to a new frequency.

Over the next two years, I learned to communicate, assimilate, and integrate this new energy. In 2018, I was guided to share this knowledge with others and became a facilitator of light body activations, helping many access their own light bodies over the following four years.

In 2022, Anfrinit began to manifest through me as my new body became more stable in this field.

Anfrinit is a FREQUENCY HOLDER, a clear channel through all existences, aligning your multidimensional self to vibrate in an uplifted state, connected to your higher self.

She assists in rewriting and equilibrating your core essence blueprint, opening portals to your different existences through frequencies, ultimately liberating you from the incarnational cycle.

Anfrinit, through me, grounded the Anfrinit System over a span of two years. This system comprises four modules, offering individuals the opportunity to navigate their own journey through creation, aligning themselves with Crystal Clear Consciousness.

Anfrinit offers much more than words can express. When you connect with her, you will understand.

In my daily life, I am also a devoted wife and mother to two beautiful young daughters.

With gratitude,
Adrienn Light

In 2022, Anfrinit had fully integrated at all levels into my being. I now communicate through her, sharing the powerful knowledge via the workshops and retreats that I host, enabling all to access their light.

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions or would like to know more about my workshops and retreats, or me, please don’t hesitate to ask!

On the physical field:

- Certificated Naturopath

- Certificated Yoga Teacher